February 5, 2023

콘서트에서 립싱크 어떻게 생각함?

What are your thoughts  about lip syncing in a concert ?

Personally it is a bit shocking.

Lip syncing during a concert ? Lip syncing during a concert ?!!!!

As I have only experience live singing at concerts, I always assumed that all concerts were done live but isn’t lip syncing in a concert honestly a bad idea ?

If the dance isn’t hard but you still lip sync in the concert, aren’t you really just a dancer ?



Korean vocabulary

본진  , military headquarters, live performance ( colloquially)

인간적으로(성격적으로, 양심적으로, 윤리적으로 ) , humanely, honestly, personally

빡시다 ( 힘들다, 어렵다, 무리다 ) , hard

줄줄, continuously, all over the place

걍, just

댄서, dancer




        • SMTOWN LIVE ✅ 421 ❌ 29

        • For real, why even bother doing concerts… ✅ 379 ❌ 2

        • Not qualified to be called a singer ✅ 366 ❌ 2

        • If you are speaking about SMTOWN concert, wasn’t it a special event ? If all the artists that performed there were on their solo concerts, they wouldn’t lip sync through out and can give a good performance whether the AR is cut out or they sing with raw vocals. But of course, I as well do not understand why SM was like that. ✅ 22❌ 20

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.