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Mid-40s is fast approaching…

I have been living life, only tirelessly looking ahead however before I know it, my child is all grown and I own a house. Feeling more relaxed, I have been living doing what I want to do but looking back, I neither have friends nor know any of my child’s friends mothers. I have always broke things off after they get closer only to cross the line. Normally once one reaches their 50s, after the children are fully grown, one travels with their friends and acquaintances. I am feeling down just by the thought that by then, aside from my husband, I’d have no one.

What did you guys do once you reached 50?


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    Just because you have no one left besides you, does not mean you lived life wrongly. Besides, it is not something to get depressed about. We have all learned during our youth that having friends is not everything in life.

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    From what I have observed, the type of women that keep their acquaintances for a very long time, are barely close with their own family.  This is mostly the case with women that work outside. They are the kind that ignore their homemaking duties. On the other hand because you guys lived life, focused only on your family, there is no acquaintance besides you. However, if instead of family, you desire to make friends, it is fully possible. Since this can easily be realised with a religious lifestyle or by having hobbies or engaging in volunteer activities.

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    54 year’s old male. Wife had an affair. Only found out 1 week ago.  I just feel empty. Although I have friends, it is all pointless.

Korean vocabulary

  • 달려가다 : run, dash
  • 바쁘게 : busily,urgent,frenetic, tirelessly
  • 앞을  보다 : to look up
  • 어느새 : already, so soon,before i know it,somewhere along the line
  • 집을 장만하다 : buy a house, own a house
  • 여유가 생기다 : get relaxed
  • 뒤를 돌아보다 : look back,look behind
  • 잘 지내다 : thrive, flourish
  • 선을 넘다 : cross a line, go the limit
  • 손절 : cut off, break off
  • 지인 : acquaintance
  • 자식 : child, kid
  • 키우다 : grow, raise
  • 그때되면  : by then
  • 신랑 : bridegroom,husband
  • 우울하다 : low-spirited, melancholy, blue
  • 곁에 : nearby
  • 남다 : remain, be left
  • 더군다나 : moreover
  • 유형 : category, type
  • 끈끈하다 : sticky,clammy
  • 주로 : usually, mostly
  • 돌다 : go round, rotate,pass around,work, function
  • 가정일 : homemaking duties, household chores, family problems
  • 등한시하다 : neglect, overlook, ignore
  • 충분히 : enough, sufficiently, fully
  • 종교생활 : religious life
  • 취미생활 : dilettante life, life with hobbies
  • 봉사활동 : volunteer activities
  • 불륜 : immorality, obliquity,affair
  • 일주일 : one week, a week
  • 허무하다  : fruitless, in vain,futile, empty

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  



Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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