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A bit unfortunate to divorce because of 2 million won ( $ 1,465.59 ) .


I divorced because I couldn’t stand living that way any longer after 1 year of that lifestyle.

At the beginning, he wasn’t into gaming but not knowing that he actually was completely different, I decided to marry him.

They say to not miss it during dating*.

At that time my ex-husband used to earn 2.2 million won ( $1,611.58) as a factory worker, while I, working at an outlet store, earned 2.7 million won ($1,976.56 ). Furthermore since I also did weekend part-time jobs, I earned overall 3 million won ($2,196.72) a month.

However, my ex-husband as an addict would use up over 2 million won just for gaming. Up until then I had been foolishly paying for our living costs, being gas-lighted by him, someone who hadn’t even once gone to the supermarket with me. Consequently, after living like that for so long, my body felt so sick that I couldn’t work for one month.

That person of a husband said he didn’t have any money, didn’t answer my Kakao-talk messages, let alone pick up my calls. I couldn’t live anymore with a man that chased me like a loan shark, telling me that he had spent all his 2.2 million won salary so I had to gather some money for my parents.


After realising that we weren’t any longer a couple, I hardened my heart and made up my mind to divorce. It has been a year since and have been able to save around 20 million won ( $14,620.10) after working hard part-timing during the weekends. My self esteem has improved and I have found a partner as well.

Whenever I look at my bank balance, I feel good and empty ( free/clear).

Your wife could be sick .

I wonder why he treated me so harshly despite spending all the money I earned on his games, even to the extent of getting so sick that I had to stop working.

When I reminisce on that time, I feel so empty and care-free.

This evening, I and my boyfriend are going to eat some beef, so I just accepted that as a blessing in disguise.

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                                          • [+283] [-1]

                                            The quick decision was outstanding!

                                          • [+209] [-2]

                                            Can’t imagine how bad it would have been, had you made him a father.! What a swift decision, good!

                                          • [+145] [-1]

                                            You did well breaking up with him! Having a child with such an addict would have had you living stuck in depression!

Korean vocabulary

  • 만원 : thousand won
  • 이혼하다 : get divorced, be divorced from, be separated by divorce
  • 도저히 :  (not) at all, by any possibility
  • 애초부터 : from the first[outset, start]
  • 연애 때 : when dating
  • 거르다 : skip, miss
  • 당시  : then, at that time
  • 전남편 : ex-husband, former husband, late husband(deceased), divorced husband
  • 공장  : factory
  • 아울렛 : outlet
  • 매장 : store
  • 저혼자 : alone
  • 주말 알바  : weekend part-time
  • 한달 : one month
  • 이상 : or more, and over , now that, since
  • 중독자 : addict
  • 마트 : supermarket
  • 바보같이 : foolishly, like a fool
  • 생활비 : living expenses, cost of living
  • 친정집 : the former home of a married woman
  • 사채업자 : private moneylender, underground lender
  • 는 커녕 : let alone
  • 마냥 : infinitely, to the full
  • 빛 : shine, light
  • 독촉하다 : push, press, urge
  • 마음을 독하게 먹다 : harden one’s heart
  • 악착같이  : relentlessly, tirelessly
  • 금방 : momentarily
  • 통장: passbook , bank book
  • 잔고 : bank balance
  • 허무하다 : fruitless, in vain
  • 모질다  : harsh, cruel, merciless
  • 굴다 : behave
  • 홀가분하다 : lighthearted, carefree
  • 소고기 : beef
  • 전화위복: blessing in disguise
  • 빠른 : fasr, quick
  • 판단 : decision, thinking
  • 훌륭하다 : excellent
  • 아비  : dad
  • 우울증 : depression
  • 공황 : panic
  • 달다 : hang, stick

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  



Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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