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What is the reason for bridal showers ?

This is driving me insane.

A friend of mine is about to get married and she asked me to organise a bridal shower for her. I couldn’t say anything but beat around the bush, sent her pictures of other people while telling her that this is how people do it these days. You know, lowkey trying to show what I truly felt.

So in a chat of 5 people (I and the bride-to-be as well as 3 other friends ) out of excitement and high emotions and since this would be the first wedding of the 5 of us, suggested to gather money for purchasing affordable household appliances to gift the bride-to-be. In addition to the gifts, to set aside 20 to 30 units* of congratulatory money.

In order to have this conversation, we 4 had to create another chatroom a couple of weeks ago. But one of these friends said we should also have a bridal shower just a while a go.

Furthermore that we have to rent a party room, chip in some money for the bridal shower cake and dress code.

AND to contribute for the extra money, since we also have to order food.

So does that mean each person, including for outfits, has to crack out at least 100,000 won ( 70.13 $)  ???

Fearless me told them that I was going to sit it out, since I personally, neither understand the need for bridal showers nor desire to do something just because others are doing it. Even if the bride becomes upset, it is inevitable.  Besides, there will be a lot of events for giving gifts this fall, so I need to save up money.

As a result, two of those friends finally felt it would be better to not purchase gifts, if we were going to have a bridal shower.  HOWEVER, it would look bad, if we don’t buy gifts, since the bride-to-be already thinks/knows that we will bring gifts.

Wouldn’t everything be solved, if we simply cancelled the bridal shower ?

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                  Isn’t it customary for  the bride to personally organise the bridal shower and then ask her friends to attend ?

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                  The person requesting for yall to do it, probably wants it done for her as well. Just as you said before, tell them that you’d sit it out.  ( I can’t translate this part, sorry)

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                  The friend who brought it up, can handle it alone then.My sister was the first to get bridal shower and baby showers. However when it was my turn, she was like, “so pointless, why do you have to do it ?” After seeing that, I realised that it would have been better, had I not done hers in the beginning. It is said that how you feel before going into the toilet is different what what you feel after leaving*.

                  It is better to not do it at all.

Korean vocabulary

  • 브라이덜샤워: bridal shower
  • 짜증나다: to be annoying
  • 대놓고: in the presence of (a person), in ((a person’s)) face, before[in front of] (a person)
  • 빙빙 돌려 말하다: beat around the bush
  • 유행: fashion, trend,outbreak
  • 주자: runner-up
  • 괜히: vainly, in vain, to no avail
  • 떨리다: tremble, be shaken
  • 설레다: flutter
  • 중저가:being upper low-end, affordable, mid-price
  • 가전제품:electronics, household appliances
  • 축의금: money gift, congratulatory money
  • 금액: amount
  • 맞추다: piece together, assemble
  • 조만간: soon
  • 대관하다:to rent
  • 개인당: per person, per head, individually
  • 깨지다: to crack, to break
  • 소신 있게: courageously
  • 빠지다: to sit something out (in this context )
  • 신부: bride
  • 서운하다: sorry, remorseful
  • 가을: fall
  • 경조사: congratulations and condolences, family events, events for sharing gifts
  • 아끼다: save, cut back on
  • 귀띔하다:give a tip, tip off
  • 세팅해놓고: to setup
  • 참석하다: attend
  • 편승하다: exploit
  • 초장: beginning, outset

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  



Naver Korean English Dictionary

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Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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