I and my husband are currently arguing because of a joke. Please I need some advice.


I and my husband are currently arguing because of a joke. Please I need some advice.

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I knew my friend was gay and initially I tried to stay away from him but that friend  seriously told me to my face

“You know that girls don’t even like you. It is the same for me.”

From that day I fully grasped my place and we got closer and are doing well.


We are both shocked by the fact that  we share vastly different opinions concerning the joke about and so are currently arguing.  As people committed to an occupation that involves teaching people, we are so dumbfounded at our stupidity.

Since it is really late right now, we cannot ask our acquaintances for their perspectives, so we hope you guys will lend us your opinions. In the text above, the part “It is the same for me”, is confusing; So please help us understand.


Since people asked after the reason for our argument in the comments, I would like to add more context to this post.

I’ll conceal the gender and then tell you.

A: No matter how gay I am, just like other girls, you aren’t my type, so chill (so know your place).

B: I as well do not like girls , meaning that I cannot date women, so read the room ( You know you can’t get a girl yourself).


Shall we call it “The aftermath”?

Hmm… after reading the comments, it was interesting seeing your comments on A and B but I feel so bad that you all think that they are lacking.

Anyways, this was the basis of our disagreement, which caused us to be surprised and frustrated!

Since we aren’t biting and bickering at each other , you do not have to worry about us divorcing*.

Because I do not want to cause further conflict, I will also not disclose who is who (in the conversation above). However I personally think that I am the side that has the more logical stance.

Thanks to the people who wrote comments.



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Korean vocabulary

판이하게, totally, vastly

충격받다,be shocked, be stunned

지속적, continuous

논쟁, debate, argument

나름, one

똥멍청이, shit for brains

놀라다, be surprised, be astonished, be shocked, be scared

지인, acquaintance

성별, sex, gender

가리다, distinguish, differentiate, block, screen, shield, obscure, hide, cover, conceal, veil

그러하듯, as ~, like ~

안심하다, feel easy, make oneself easy

제를 파악하다, grasp subject, to know one’s place

후기, epilogue, postscript

모자라다, lack, be short, be insufficient

서운하다, sorry, remorseful

기가 막히다,be dumbfounded, be at a loss for words

입장대립,conflict of position

물어뜯다,bite, chew,harass

첨예하다, acute, intense

첨예하게 대립하고 있다, to go eyeball to eyeball, conflict in opinion

언쟁하다, argue, bicker, row

이혼, divorce

유전자, genetic factor

남녀 간에,between male and female

갈등, conflict

원하다, want, wish, hope

밝히다.  to disclose , to specify

보편적인, universal

상식, common sense

이성, the other sex, the opposite sex

가리다, distinguish, differentiate


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              Do the humans who relate to person “B”  think that being gay is someone who turned into one because he doesn’t have the ability to date a woman?

            • [+543] [-4]

              Just because one is gay, that doesn’t mean he will fall for all men.

            • [+375] [-6]

              Women don’t like you = does not mean you fall in love with all of the other sex. Even if you say that  your partner is a man, you are discriminating your partner*. I think A is correct.

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  




Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann



Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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