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My maternal cousin says that I am heartless for taking care of the hospital bills of my stepfather while declining liver transplantion for my biological father.


I am a 37 year old with 2 children.

One cousin of mine cursed me out to my face saying that I am an ingrate for ignoring my blood relatives. So I am writing this post with the hopes of getting your views.

1)  My heartless biological father who is an author

Not only did he fall into debt due to affairs and gambling, he often ran away from home,  frequently demanded money from mother, throws objects and tantrums, physically abused I and my younger brother and threatened my mother.Furthermore,  because of  him, there was even a time when private moneylenders came to  our school.

2) Eventually, when I was 10,  my mother couldn’t take it anymore, so she divorced him . Then remarried to my stepfather when I was 12.

3) My stepfather is a good person, someone who I admire a lot.

One time, when my brother was sick and said he felt feverish, my stepfather carried my younger brother on his back all the way to the hospital. He was so affectionate just like a biological father should , for which I am thankful for.  My mother made a great choice.

4) After some time, we received a call from our biological father saying that the state of his liver has worsened due to alcoholism and asked us undergo liver transplantation. Both I and my younger brother declined his request, after which he died.

At the moment, our stepfather is suffering because of cancer, so we are taking care of him and handling his hospital bills.

5) However  this bitch of a cousin told me to my face that I take care of strangers more than my own family, disregard blood relations and am an ingrate person.

Who on earth is in the wrong in this situation?  I ask for your fair assessment.




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    If it concerns a maternal cousin who you aren’t really close with, then there is little hope for that relationship. Do you need to be swayed by such person ?

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    It would have been crazy for a cousin from the father’s side to act that way, not to talk of one from the mother’s end??!.

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    The person who raised you is your true father. Are you automatically a father because you birthed me ?

Korean vocabulary

  • 생부 : biological father , own father
  • 간이식 : easy-to-build type, liver transplantation
  • 새아버지 : stepfather
  • 병원비 : hospital bills, medical bills[expenses]
  • 대주다 : provide, offer
  • 배은망덕한 : ungrateful,insensible of kindness
  • 사촌 : cousin
  • 외종사촌  : a cousin on one’s mother’s side, a maternal cousin
  • 핏줄을 외면하다 :turn a blind eye to one’s blood
  • 혜를 모른다 : ingrate
  • 욕하다 : curse
  • 공정하다: just, fair, impartial
  • ~라는 의미에서 :in the sense that
  • 작자 : author, writer, novelist
  • 외도 : adultery, affair
  • 도박  : gambling
  • 빚을 지다 :fall into debt
  • 가출하다 : run away
  • 던지다 : throw
  • 행패를 부리다 :use violence, to have a small tantrum
  • 남동생 : younger brother
  • 때리다 : hit, beat, strike, smack, slap, punch
  • 협박하다 : threaten, intimidate, blackmail
  • 사채업자 : private moneylender, underground lender
  • 견디다 : bear, stand, endure
  • 이혼하다 : get divorced, be divorced from, be separated by divorce
  • 재혼하다  : remarry
  • 존경하다 : admire
  • 한때 : one time, once
  • 열나다  : develop a fever, become feverish, run a fever
  • 업다 : carry someone on one’s back
  • 친부 : biological father
  • 정을 주다 : show affection, be affectionate towards
  • 감사하게 : thankful, grateful
  • 화목하다 : harmonious, concordant, peaceful
  • 연락 오다 : get a call
  • 알콜 중독  : alcoholism
  • 간 : liver
  • 망가지다 : be broken, be destroyed
  • 거절하다 : refuse, reject, deny
  • 현재 : now, present, today
  • 사망하다 : die, pass away
  • 암 투 : cancer
  • 챙겨 주다 : take care of
  • 피가 섞인 : related by blood, be related
  • 평가 : assessment, estimation
  • 교류하다 : flow together
  • 희미해지다 : become faint, dim
  • 인연 : relationship
  • 휘둘리다 : be swung, be wielded, be brandished
  • 친가쪽 : from father’s side

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  



Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann

외사촌 뜻

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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