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A woman who is about to get married in December to a man, who works in a large corporation in Ulsan

Last year July, while waiting for my friend in a coffee shop, he asked me for my contact information. And since at that time I had no boyfriend and he is close to my ideal type, I gave it to him. One month after,  we started dating like a normal couple.

Because I  work on shifts, there were times when contacting each other did not go well. However because of the nature of his occupation, his lifestyle is very different from mine, so time to time we argue. Regardless, it never led to a huge fight.  Even this June I started living alone.

As he sold his appartement, he moved in with me*.  Just a while ago, we broke up after I caught him using a sub-account on Instagram.

After taking a picture of the  girl’s Instagram handle, I wondered whether it would be okay to contact her*.

I told her “Your groom-to-be knelt down and begged me. It looks like you both have been dating for at least 4 years but I and your grooms-to-be have gone to hotels, slept together and met and had meals with our parents. We even went to watch movies too.”

I though that she might go crazy seeing that she, a woman with brown hair, big nose, working as a nurse in that area,  had completed the wedding photo shoot in May and even had the official meeting with the parents. So I haven’t called her since even though I know her ID.


자기를 때려서 화가 좀 풀릴같으면 차라리 때리라고 제 손
쥐고 지 뺨까지 친놈인데 ㅁ친놈 데리고 사시느라 고생하세요

****I do not understand the last sentence, so I cannot translate it. sorry***********

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Korean vocabulary

울산 ,Ulsan

대기업, large enterprise, conglomerate, big business

연락처, contact information

이상형, ideal type

근접하다, approach, be close to, similar to

다를 것 없다, ordinary, no different than

연애하다, date, pay court to

교대 근무, Shift Work

특성상, characteristic

중간중간, in between, middle

다툼, quarrel, fight, dispute,competition, struggle

자취하다, cook for oneself, board oneself, to live alone, to move out

매매하다, transact, to sell

부계정, wealth account, sub-account

혹여, by any chance,accidentally, maybe

아이디, Instagram handle, username

예비 신랑, prospective groom / groom-to-be

무릎 꿇다, go down on one’s knee

빌다, beg

최소, the least, the fewest, minimum


지역, area, region

간호사, nurse

촬영, shooting

마치다, complete, finish

상견례, first meeting between the bride and bridegroom’s families

정신병, mental illness

때리다, hit, beat, strike, smack, slap, punch

손을 쥐다, close one’s hands, hold a person’s hand,

뺨, cheek

어떻게 보면, In a way, in a sense

피해자, victim, sufferer

뭐 이리, how come

조롱하다, degrade,ridicule

비꼬는 , sarcastic, ironic, cynical

초성, first letters

조건, qualification,condition

약자, the weak, the disadvantaged, abbreviation,acronym

한둘이 아니다, there are several, there are many


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              In a way, the other woman is also a victim, so why are you ridiculing and  writing this in such a cynical tone ?

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              Just tell us the first letters ! I am living in Ulsan and getting married this year. I am not sure about the conditions*.

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              There are many large corporations in Ulsan, so please tell us the acronym of the company.

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  




Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann

“부계정” 은 무슨 뜻인가요?


Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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