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Why do women get married and then become subservient at their husband’s house ?

I heard even in the case where both parties are working, why do they live without being able to say a word ? You could just ignore him, regardless of what he says. Furthermore why are you allowing yourself to be mistreated ? If you are also working as a wife, just completely ignore the bullshit words and  that’s it! Even if your husband makes a fuss about it, just divorce. Men don’t tremble and beg because they are afraid of divorce and worry about their children being raised in a divorced family, so why are only women acting like that ?


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Korean vocabulary

  • 시가 : one’s husband’s home
  • 굽신거리다  : bow , subordinate oneself to; act subserviently
  • 맞벌이하다 : (couple) work together, work for a double income, work in double harness
  • 그러던데 :  I hear that ….
  • 무시하다 : disregard, neglect
  • 갑질하다 : to overuse one’s power , go on a power trip
  • 갑질을 받다 : to be taken advantage of, to be abused, to be under the power of
  • 맞벌이 : dual-career , both husband and wife working
  • 난리를 치다 : to make a scene, to scream, to  make a fuss about something
  • 이혼가정 : divorced families
  • 자식 : child, kid
  • 벌벌 : shakingly, shiveringly, grudgingly
  • 떨다 : shake, tremble, pinch a penny, be cheap, be a miser, tremble, shudder, shiver
  • 부인 : wife
  • 기다 : crawl, creep, grabble
  • 현타 오다 : reality hit
  • 인연을 끊다 : break off relations , cut a connection
  • 순서대로 : in regular sequence, chronological
  • 굽신굽신 : with one’s head down, with a deep bow, in a servile manner, obsequiously, subserviently

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  



Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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