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Clash in values

Although we have a wedding ahead, there is a problem that caused us to fight.


1) brothers, sisters, siblings making monetary requests due to emergency circumstances

(one-time assistance, assuming it is an unfortunate scenario like scams or hospital bills)

Difference in values

doable, only under the condition that things don’t get harder for my family, I can help versus after marriage, one should devote self to only their family, so no helping.

Although I really love my girlfriend, I believe that in a family, one should be able to rely and help each other through out life .

I want to to help even after marriage, as long as it is within our reach. However my girlfriend says that  such idea is a value that shows that one is not ready to marry and that later, if one marries, divorce is inevitable.

Am I in the wrong ?

To be honest,  right after we argued, someone made a request. So I am worried.

Please refrain from using your imagination to add more context to the story, just take the written context as is.


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    Why are writing the same post ? Was it because you did not get the answer you wanted ?

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    Usually, when one talks like this, doesn’t that mean you have some one in your family that is finding it difficult financially ? If I were your girlfriend, I would have broken up with you.  We are already having it hard to finance our own lives,  can you imagine becoming  someone else’s relative’s support ? If you have a relative to support, please stay single. I am begging you.

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    Just let her go free, please.

Korean vocabulary

  • 가치관 : values
  • 가정 : family, home, assumption, supposition, proposition
  • 형제 : brothers, siblings
  • 자매 : sisters, siblings
  • 남매 : brother and sister
  • 위급한 : ominous,exigent, imminent, emergency
  • 사정 : situation, circumstances
  • 금전적 : monetary, money related
  • 요청 : request, appeal
  • 1회성 : one-time
  • 사기 : swindling, fraud, deception, cheating
  • 치료비 : treatment expense
  • 안타까운 : miserable,pitiable, unfortunate ,disappointing
  • 사유  : private ownership, proprietorship, possession, reason, cause
  • 여유가 되다 : afford
  • 선 : line
  • 충실하다 : substantial, full, solid,faithful, devoted, sincere
  • 의지하다 : lean on, stand against,rely on, fall back on
  • 사상 : thought, idea,thinking, thought
  • 상상력으로 : imaginative power, imagination
  • 집다넣다  : to put in, to clutter in
  • 경제적으로 : economically,financially
  • 부양 : support

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  



Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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