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My landlord says that I will be kicked out if I cook food in the building

Hello, I am a 20 years old college student. Because I got an admission from a university in another region(away from my hometown), I had to move and live on my own in the campus area.

The first time I saw the room, the landlord said that if you go to the uni, one will see a lot of students, who do not cook food at home but order takeouts instead.

Initially, I as well had to order in because I was bad at cooking, however due to increased food budget, I have started cooking little by little at home.

I eat instant rice, along with kimchi or the side dishes that either my parents brought or I ordered. Basically, I cook very simple meals at home like jjigae, fried rice, pasta etc.

However, all of a sudden, my landlord came over and asked whether I had made food at home and that I should just stick to takeouts,such and such. Apparently, the reason was it being a fire hazard and that after cooking, it would be difficult to cleanup and the smell may disturb the neighbors. Since the neighbors are all students as well, one can get alienated.

I find it so ridiculous! I havent even seen the face of my neighbor!!! Why cant I cook in my own studio ? I leave the windows open and turn off the hood, so if the ventilation isn’t good, then that isn’t my fault.

My parents were stunned when I told them and said I should just continue cooking at home, but since I am living at a new place and I am the person who has to see that landlord ….

If by any chance I get kicked out, what should I do ?


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    One room, two room, rented apartment, lease, purchased, I have lived in all. But that landlord is just a lunatic. Just a young student, so what’s the fuss ? Since it is blabber, just ignore, what is so wrong with cooking in one’s own house ? Even though there are special terms and conditions in the monthly contract, there are no grounds legally for imposing sanctions. In conclusion, just tell him “don’t care, so what are you going to do about it ?”.

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    It isn’t even a boarding house, a one-room apartment ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ say if they pay the cancellation charge, you’ll hand the room over to them.

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    So when one orders food, it doesn’t smell ?

Korean vocabulary

  • 대학생 : college student
  • 타지 : other areas, other regions
  • 대학로 : campus town
  • 자취하다 : cook for oneself, board oneself
  • 집주인 : landlord, landlady
  • 아무래도 : in all respects, by any possibility,by the look of it
  • 젊다 : young
  • 서투르다 : clumsy, unskilled
  • 식비 : food expenses,payment for food
  • 햇반 : instant rice
  • 반찬 : side dish
  • 찌개 : jjigae
  • 볶음밥 : fried rice
  • 파스타 : pasta
  • 해먹다 : cook one’s own meals
  • 시켜 먹다 : Order food
  • 화재위험 : fire hazard
  • 청소하다 : clean
  • 옆집 : house next door
  • 냄새 나다 : smell
  • 소외감 : sense of alienation, sense of estrangement
  • 어이가 없다 : ridiculous,absurd , shocking, be stunned
  • 원룸 : studio
  • 요리하다 : cook, handle
  • 창문 : window
  • 열어 놓다  : leave window open
  • 후드 : hood
  • 켜다 : turn on
  • 환기 : ventilation
  • 만약 : supposing
  • 쫒겨나다 : to get fired, get kicked out
  • 투룸 : two room apartment
  • 아파트 월세 : apartment rent
  • 전세 : lease
  • 매매 : purchase
  • 정신병자 : lunatic
  • 월세 계약 : monthly rent contract
  • 특약 사항 : special provisions
  • 법적으로 : legally
  • 제재를 가하다 : impose[apply] sanctions (on/against)
  • 근거 : basis, grounds, reason
  • 결론 : decision, conclusion
  • 배 째 : don’t care
  • 어쩔 건데 : what are you going to do
  • 하숙집 : boarding house, lodging house, rooming house
  • 말라그러고 : don ‘t …
  • 위약금 : cancellation charge, penalty for breach of contract, forfeit
  • 방 빼다 : leave to room

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  



Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann

타지에서 대학을 다니다 은 무슨 뜻인가요?

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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