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So about SM Entertainment….

I wish they would stop giving comebacks to those artists such as A that bring little to no profit and push the more relevant ones forward. No one was going to listen to those songs anyway and it just delays the kids plans and further drops the music quality. Seems more like a shortcut to ruin both ( irrelevant and still relevant artists ).

I have been an SM stan for over 10 years already, so this isn’t something I thought about only after one or two days. Not only artist A but also musicians that recently released new songs such as B, C,D. I also think that them wanting to show a diverse side of themselves is a good thing. However, it becomes a problem if they interfere with the spot of the main groups. There were so many cases in the past where plans were either pushed back or overlapped.

I am not an Z stan, so can yall stop asking ? Moreover, just by looking at the likes, you can see the majority agree with me. I am fully aware that at SM albums are released based on loyalty and group W brings in a lot of money. Still, I don’t know why yall are saying I should just go to h***, just because I am making a complaint about SM system.


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I avoid mentioning the artists.


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    Even though profit made at the moment is of importance, why don’t you consider what they have earned over the years ?

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    Hope you know that by mentioning those artists, you are being disrespectful to their fans, right ? If we look closely at the prime years, you are in no position to throw a jab at group H’s seniors.

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    You are very shortsighted! By your logic, when the aforementioned artists were at their peak, new artists ( rookies) that weren’t good for business should not have debuted ?

Korean vocabulary

  • 수익 : earnings, return, profit
  • 가수 : singer
  • 밀다 : push
  • 플랜 : plan
  • 곡퀄 : The quality of the song
  • 떨어지다 : drop, fail
  • 걍 : just
  • 망하다 : be ruined, be destroyed , flop, tank
  • 지름길 : shortcut
  • 슴덕 : SM stan
  • 하루 이틀 : one or two days
  • 개개인의 : individual
  • 방해되다 : be interrupted, be disturbed
  • 겹치다 : overlap
  • 시즈니 : NCTzen
  • 추천수만 : number of likes
  • 대다수가 : majority
  • 동의하다: agree, approve
  • 의리 : loyalty, fidelity
  • 불평하다 : complain, grumble
  • 전성기 : prime years
  • 따지다 : nitpick
  • 쨉 : jab, punch
  • 대중성 : popular[mass] appeal
  • 장사 : business
  • 신인 : new face,debut

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  



Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann

근데 슴덕이라는게 정확히 무슨뜻이야?

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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