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Boss is being criticized.

The head of my department in the company that I switched to this year has been very kind and we barely talk to each other. But once in while when I ask him questions, he handles it very kindheartedly. To be honest, because of my intern status, he has every right to assign all sort of tasks ( tell me what to do ), however he has been only very polite and respectful. Furthermore, I am the type that rarely speaks. However , female employees from other departments call him a lunatic and curse him out. Also saying that he is fake, treats them rudely and that I should be careful, since no one knows when he is going to switch on me.

Although it has been 8 months since I moved to this company, I still find it hard to imagine him being a psychopath. Especially since he seems to have good manners. Despite not understanding why he is being reproached, after hearing all of that, I am mentally distancing myself.


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                                      I hope you watch out for that female employee. They may be cursing you out in front of other people.

Korean vocabulary

  • 욕먹다 : be reviled, to be reproached, to be roasted
  • 상사 : superior, boss
  • 올해 : this year
  • 이직하다  : to change jobs
  • 부서 : department, division
  • 평소에 : usually, ordinarily
  • 한번씩 : once every
  • 친절하게  : kindly, kindheartedly,
  • 대하다 : face, confront, handle, deal with
  • 인턴  : intern
  • 충분히 : enough, sufficiently, fully
  • 이래라 저래라 : this and that
  • 이래라저래라 하다 : to push someone around, to tell someone what to do
  • 예의를 갖추다 : be polite
  • 여자 직원 : female employee
  • 완전 : completeness
  • 가식 : fabrication, fake
  • 싸가지 없어 :  be horrible, be a bitch
  • 조심하다 : practice caution
  • 상상하다 : imagine
  • 입사하다 : enter a company, join a company
  • 8개월 : Eight months
  • 매너가 좋다 : to have good manners
  • 사이코패스 : psychopath
  • 도통 : utterly, entirely
  • 거리감 : feeling of distance, mental distance, awkwardness
  • 걸려들다 : be trapped, be caught
  • 전직원 : all staff

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  



Naver Korean English Dictionary

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