My unfaithful husband says he wants to come back


My unfaithful husband says he wants to come back

He cheated

My husband, 3rd year of marriage, had an affair when our child marked his first birthday.

Word was out that he cheated with an employee at the tiny company he runs.

He told me that he was so in love with that female coworker that he doesn’t need our child and is willing to pay the child rearing costs, no matter how high, as long as I give him a divorce.

Although I was already thinking about divorcing him without asking for child support and not planing on giving him the child even if he asked,because I honestly wanted to torment them, I filed a lawsuit against the other woman and got into a fight with her. It all ended with my husband only escaping physically.

I was also able to get a couple of thousands from her. However I believe my husband must have prepared the money for her.

Can you take me back and raise her child?

So, fast forward 3 years, my husband is back.

Because he didn’t know my address, after I moved into my sister’s house, he came to  the company.

Just like that, he came with a baby.

Apparently, the other woman, who is the mother of the baby, went back to her family’s house.

Seems like they couldn’t see a future together.

He said that the other woman stated that she could not raise their baby at her home and since his mother wasn’t really into child-rearing, so I told him to hand the child over to family of the mother.

In conclusion, he wants to start over with me, with hopes of raising the child with ME.

This piece of shit seems to have an expiration date of 3 years. After he gains a family, he waits 3 years then goes rotten.


I am aware that baby is innocent and  I feel sympathy for it, seeing that it has acquired the sins of it’s parents.

However that is how far my emotions go as a woman also raising a child.


In my current situation, my husband is only going to be a burden and  I and my child are already doing well, so I have no intention on uniting with him.

Because vacation is also a free job, I do not need my husbands hands.


I am only annoyed at the fact that two child have become victims because of some trash.

Only if there were some law to sterilize such a jerk in this country.



✅ 1900 ❌ 22

Korean vocabulary

바람피다 ,to have affairs

첫돌, first birthday, first anniversary

작디작다, tiny,, microscopic, minuscule

사업체, company, business entity, business

운영하다, manage, operate, run

여직원, female employee[worker], woman employee[worker]

절절하게, affectionately, desperately

양육비, child-rearing cost, child support

어차피, in any case, after all

괴롭히다, torment, harass, distress

상간녀, adulterer / adulterous woman / woman who cheats with your husband/boyfriend

소송하다, Verb file a lawsuit

진흙탕 싸움을 하다, to fight

싸움을 벌이다, to brawl

빠져나가다, get out, escape

천, thousands

언니집, sister’s house

집주소, house address

다짜고짜, willy-nilly, without notice

친정, the former home of a married woman

후일, future, coming days

기약하다, promise

외가, maternal family

육아, baby-rearing

유통기한, shelf life, (Am) expiration date, (Brit) expiry date

상하다, be hurt, be injured,become haggard, become lean

동정심, sympathy

동정심이 들다, to feel sympathy

짐, baggage, burden

합치다, combine, unite, merge

휴가, leave, break, vacation

중성화를 시키다, to get neutered

시급하다, urgent


        • [+887] [-2]

          You know that isn’t him wanting to return. He is just asking you to take the baby because he has to go meet another woman.

        • [+756] [-0]

          The fact that he told you to your face to take care of the child of the other woman….. f***….  For that thing,sterilization  surgery is a must.

        • [+556] [-1]

          Even if you want to curse, the “curse” would just be wasted on that trash.

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  




Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann



Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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