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My sister claims it it easy to go to college nowadays

for your information, the age difference between I and my sister is large, so she did her national college entrance exam about 10 years ago.  According to her, at that time, it was very hard to enter into the Seoul universities, but now that the population has decreased significantly, it has gotten easier. She kept going on about how her her friends as well talk about how easy it is now, so ridiculous ㅋㅋㅋ!


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                                            It is partly true in that it has gotten easier because the school-age population is way lower than before, However it is a bit too much for her to talk like that in front of  someone that has exams ahead.

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                                            It is a fact that it has gotten easier, even though it is still difficult right now.

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                                            It is a fact though. The maximum number of admissions at top colleges is still the same but the number of students has dropped.

Korean vocabulary

  • 대학 가기 : going to college
  • 참고로  : for reference, for your information
  • 나이 차이 : age difference
  • 수능 : national college entrance exam
  • 인구 : population
  • 인서울 : Literally means ‘In Seoul’, Refers to ‘Universities in Seoul’
  • 어이없다 : absurd, ridiculous, preposterous
  • 학령 인구 : school-age population
  • 수험생 : examinee
  • 이과 : science
  • 등급 : grade
  • 명문대 : a prestigious university
  • 정원 : capacity, the maximum number of admissions
  • 학생수 : the number of students, enrolment.

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  



Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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