• Coding

    Python 4 Beginners: XML to JSON within a minute

    This is an extension of the Python 4 Beginners: XML to Excel within a minute. A simple function will help generate a json file. This is the XML File  xml_to_excel The Code [sourcecode lang="python"] #XML TO EXCEL FILE import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET from openpyxl import Workbook import os import json def readFile(filename): ''' Checks if file exists, parses the file and extracts the needed data returns a 2 dimensional list without "header" ''' if not os.path.exists(filename): return tree = ET.parse(filename) root = tree.getroot() #you may need to adjust the keys based on your file structure dict_keys = ["id","first_name","last_name","email","gender","ip_address" ] #all keys to be extracted from xml mdlist = [] for child in…

  • Language Learning

    Introducing K-Drama Actor: 김욱

    Name: Kim Wook | 김욱  Birthday: 1992. 4. 9 Age: 26 Korean Age: 27 Company: Apple Eye Media Entertainment Height: 178cm Academic Qualification: Kookmin University, department of theater and film ( still in school) Special Ability: short track speed skating Social Media: Instagram Some of his work ( will be updated later) 2018, 사당보다 먼 의정부 보다 가까운 시즌 3 2018, MBC, “Bad Papa” 2018, JTBC, 미스함무라비 Miss Hamburi  2018, 마이엑스다이어리 My Ex Diary 2017, TvN, 이번생은 처음이라 (Because it’s our first time)

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