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How to fill in the gaps 1:49:09 AM

I need help with this!

I like this exercise but I cannot seem to find its ideal solution. Could someone suggest in pseudocode, please..?

[sourcecode language=”python” wraplines=”false” collapse=”false”]

#finds files with a give prefix in a folder
#locates any gaps in the numbering
#renames all the later files to close the gaps
#Usage: python <source> <prefix>

import sys, os, shutil,re

-find source
-list all files in source folder
-filter in files starting with given prefix
-loop over length of filtered files
– 001, 010, 100

if len(sys.argv) == 3:
source = sys.argv[1]
source = os.path.abspath(source)
if os.path.exists(source):
textFiles = []
numbering = []
prefix = sys.argv[2]
reg = re.compile("^{}(\d+).txt$".format(prefix))
for file in os.listdir(source):
if reg.match(file):
match = reg.match( file )
match = match.groups()[0]
match = int(match)
if len( textFiles ) > 0:
gap = None

for iterator in range(len(textFiles)):
if iterator not in numbering:
reg = re.compile("^{}(0+)\d*.txt$".format(prefix))
m = (reg.match( textFiles[iterator] ) )
if m: m = m.groups()[0]
else: m = ""

for jterator in range(iterator, len( textFiles)):
curFile = textFiles[jterator]
curFile = os.path.join(source, curFile)
new_name = prefix + m + str(jterator) + ".txt"
new_filename = os.path.join(source, new_name)
shutil.move(curFile, new_filename)
print("There are no other files with that prefix")

print("Provide valid source path")
print("Usage: python <source> <prefix>")


I finally found the right way to post the python code (with indenting of-course)

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