This service specifically creates a WordPress website for restaurants or businesses in the food and beverage industry. Through the website, you can showcase your dishes, recipes and food items in an appealing and organized way. Features such as recipe cards, a gallery for food photos, a blog section for articles and stories are already in-built and can be further personalised to suit your color schemes and preferred layout design on request.






Once you opt for this service, please make an appointment via the calendar below. During the appointment, we will discuss the specifications and your desired features. These features may include background images, more filters, improved UI etc. The price of the service remains the same regardless of the features added. Once the specifications are established, the template will be prepared and another appointment will be sent for feedback and testing purposes. If no further rectifications are needed, then the service is purchased and the template ( a zip folder containing the WordPress theme) will be sent to the provided email. Additionally, assistance in setting up the WordPress theme in your server or existing WordPress website is offered.


  1. Server and Domain
  2. WordPress Website ( optional )
  3. Design specifications ( optional )

Current Features

  1. Menu management: A dedicated menu management feature that allows you to easily create and manage your restaurant’s menu, including prices, descriptions, and images.
  2. Testimonials: A feature that allows you to display customer testimonials or reviews, helping to build trust and credibility for your restaurant.
  3. Responsive design: Designed to be responsive, meaning it is optimized for mobile devices and provides a seamless user experience across all devices.
  4. Customization options:Various aspects of your restaurant website, such as color schemes, fonts, logos, and more.

Negotiable Features

  1. Reservation system: Include a reservation system that allows customers to book a table online, choose a date, time, and number of guests.
  2. Location and hours: Provides a feature that allows you to display your restaurant’s location, opening hours, and contact information, including maps and directions.
  3. Events calendar: Include an events calendar that allows you to promote upcoming events, such as live music, wine tastings, or special menus.
  4. Online ordering: A feature that allows customers to place an order online, either for pickup or delivery, with options for customizing their orders.

How to start ?

Book an appointment 😊.





The images used in the demo shown in the images above are not present in the theme.


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