The intermediate Korean word list is a collection of 32 vocabulary words that are commonly used in everyday conversation, media, and literature. These words are considered to be at an intermediate level of difficulty and are suitable for learners who have already acquired a basic understanding of Korean grammar and sentence structure.

The word list includes a variety of words and phrases related to different topics such as family, work, education, and culture. It includes verbs, adjectives, nouns, and adverbs, as well as common expressions and idiomatic phrases.

Some examples of intermediate Korean words and phrases include:

  • 얼마 전에
  • 빡치게 하다
  • 쌀쌀하다
  • 설레다

Learning and mastering these intermediate Korean words and phrases can help learners communicate more effectively in various situations and contexts, and can help them understand and appreciate the nuances of the Korean language and culture.

Zip File Contents

  1. List of words
  2. Word search puzzle ( kor )
  3. Word search puzzle ( eng )
  4. Match Word Exercise

All file contents are in image format ( png).


Not all 32 words are available in the word search puzzle due to the resulting size.