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    Automating Simple Tasks with Python: Using Python and Window Task Scheduler to get the word of the day

    ❝Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.❞‒Chinese Proverb So I want to learn one english word per day, but I am too lazy and forgetful to visit the website ? Hmm…. bulb floats on head Let us create a python script, that runs daily by the Windows Task Scheduler 12:16:00 AM Coffee break… In this blog post, I will be describing my thought process of solving this problem and providing the code. Hopefully it helps. Before I begin, what have I learned: Knowing Code is awesome! Python Desktop application development is possible Using Task Scheduler to execute a program With this, I can basically automate the backup of…

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    How Python helps outside of work: ods data to excel

    I hate copying and pasting, so might as well automate it 9:43:24 PM Trying to complete my research paper.. … The script below helped me with some research data for my Research Module (wish me good luck!) If you have any question, do ask in the comment section. See you! This allows for transforming my .ods file to .xlsx //Note --> You will have to tweak this to your needs. This is a personalised solution [sourcecode lang=”python”] #USAGE python getdata.py from pyexcel_ods import get_data import os , re, json, openpyxl, logging, typing, sys logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG, format="%(asctime)s – %(levelname)s – %(message)s") def get_rows_xy(sheet: typing.List ): ”’ argument: sheet : a multidimensional list…

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