Automate Simple Tasks with Python: Excel Table to HTML Table using the python Dominate Module

Book Sometimes a database is really not necessary. Why not try a simple excel sheet Coded this in an hour; sips on coffee though 9:06:34 PM I generated the excel workbook using a website called Mockaroo. Today’s task is to convert a basic excel sheet table into an HTML table. I broke the task into sub tasks […]

Python Learning: Automate Boring Stuff with Python | Chapter 12: Spreadsheet to Text Files

Chapter 12 done!!! Finally Now I can sleep.. for 10 minutes though.. 3:42:14 AM Suggestions are welcomed. [sourcecode language=”python”] #USAGE python <EXCELFILE> import logging, sys, os, openpyxl logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG, format="%(asctime)s – %(levelname)s – %(message)s") if len(sys.argv) == 2: #TODO: EXTRACTS EXCEL FILE excelfile = sys.argv[1] excelfile = os.path.abspath(excelfile) excelfile_name = os.path.basename(excelfile).split(".")[0] if not os.path.exists(excelfile): logging.error("Excel File […]

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