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    호기심 Out of curiosity 인내심 Patience 반항심 Rebellious 질투심 Jealousy 동정심 Sympathy 신기한 것 Something cool, fascinating, interesting 자유가 없다 Without freedom 손발 hands and feet 한 번씩 Each of them 기다 Crawl, go on one’s knees 걷다 Walk Nonetheless 그렇기는 하지만, 그렇더라도 그래도 아직 넘어지다 To fall, trip 구르다 Roll 차다 Kick 큰소리로 하다. Speak louder 밟다 Step on 밀다 Nudge, wheel, thrust 내가 말했듯이 As I have said, 밀치다 Push 치다 Hit 장난하려는 게 웃기려는 거 웃기려고 노력 웃겨보려고 하는 건 Trying to be funny 받다 Accept, receive 때리다 Hit, beat,strike 꺾다 Break 꼬집다 Pinch 쓰다듬다 Stroke,pet 어루만지다 Pat, stroke, rub 긁다 Scratch 줄거리 Summary 우리는 크게 발전했다…

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    What I did today | Was ich heute erledigte | 제가 오늘 했던 일이

    I will be very grateful, if the following texts are corrected Good morning reader. I slept well today, probably because I did not get enough sleep yesterday I studied for my upcoming exam, but spent hours watching drama I  wish I ate less, since I am supposed to be on a diet I practice Korean, French and German; still thinking of adding Chinese to my language learning list Hope tomorrow or today is a more productive day.     Bonjour lecture level: Absolute Beginner J’ai dormi très bien aujourd’hui, mais hier je n’ai pas dormi très bien. J’ai étudié pour examen, mais j’ai regarde coréen série télévisée coréenne Je me…

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