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Beginner Automating with Python | Converting MYSQL database tables into single CSV files

Things you might need before coding Install python here Since this solution is realised by using the programming language called python,  you should probably install it as instructed in the website linked above. Additionally, you may need to understand the programming principles independent of programming language and also learn the code syntax in python. An […]


Python 4 Beginners: XML to CSV within a minute

Hey yall! Another snippet to convert the same XML file in Python 4 Beginners: XML to JSON within a minute into a simple CSV file.  XML File: Code:

Resulting CSV File


Python 4 Beginners: XML to JSON within a minute

This is an extension of the Python 4 Beginners: XML to Excel within a minute. A simple function will help generate a json file. This is the XML File  xml_to_excel The Code

Resulting File Recommended Read: Python File Handling: Create, Open, Append, Read, Write Python 4 Beginners: XML to Excel within a minute python: Creating a […]


Python: Matplotlib – How to use csv and subplots for beginners

So how do I use subplots? 08/26/2018

When I run the file, the following figure is generated: #I know, it does not scream “pretty data visualization” but the code works I guesss.. See ya!