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    Automating Simple Tasks with Python: Using Python and Window Task Scheduler to get the word of the day

    ❝Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.❞‒Chinese Proverb So I want to learn one english word per day, but I am too lazy and forgetful to visit the website ? Hmm…. bulb floats on head Let us create a python script, that runs daily by the Windows Task Scheduler 12:16:00 AM Coffee break… In this blog post, I will be describing my thought process of solving this problem and providing the code. Hopefully it helps. Before I begin, what have I learned: Knowing Code is awesome! Python Desktop application development is possible Using Task Scheduler to execute a program With this, I can basically automate the backup of…

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    “Python Learning: Automate Boring Stuff with Python | Chapter 11 : My Solution to Link Verification (with a twist)

    Instead of downloading the pages, let’s just write the links out 4:40:41 PM In the last task we downloaded images directly to our machine into a folder in the current working directory. Since I am well acquainted with downloading files using requests, I decided to just write out the links into a text file instead of downloading the entire file. The code is down below:   When I ran “python linkver.py “https://ajalacomfort.com”” I got the following links: good_links bad link text file is empty 😀 see you soon!

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