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    Lecture Notes | Cell Cycle and Cancer | Lecture 1

    Eukaryotic cell cycle S: Synthesis Replication M Mitosis + Cytokinesis Nuclear Division -> Mitosis Cytoplasmic Division -> Cytokinesis G Gap phases Regulatory and Delay steps in human embryonic cells 24 hr cell cycle 23 hours Interphase 1 hr mitosis Stages of the Cell cycle G1 before replication and division monitors environment of the cell -> ensures factors are appropriate chromosomes are each a single chromatid S replication of chromosomes G2 After replication and before M phase checks the correct duplication of the chromosomes chromosomes consists of a pair of sister chromatids M Nuclear and cytoplasmic division Phases of Mitosis Prophase condensation of chromosomes Metaphase nuclear envelope breakdown, assembly of spindle,…

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