Topics to practice speaking in Korean: Language learning (From Beginner to Advanced) 2020

So you also do not know what you should speak about during your next skype call ?


I know I am not the only one with this problem, hence I am compiling a list of topics I have talked about and hope to speak on in German, french and Korean in my language exchange voice call (hellotalk to be specific). If you have ideas, provide them in the comment section below.

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  • Self-Introduction
  • What languages do you speak already ?
  • Do you like kpop? if so why ?
  • Do you watch scary movies ?
  • Give example of words that you use very often but is not a part of your native language.


  • Why are you learning this {language}?
  • Housing in Korea
  • Which youtuber do you religiously follow? and why ?
  • Has anything scary happened to you recently ?
  • How is mental health treated / viewed in your country ?
  • Have you ever worked part-time ?
  • What is your perspective on the flood of kpop fanatics wanting to learn Korean ?


  • What are your thoughts about the difficulties in learning a language during adulthood ?
  • Why do Koreans love the current president with passion ?
  • How can I find myself in life ?
  • What do you think about the hidden dating life of a kpop idol?
  • Is the entertainment industry a reflection of a society ?
  • How far are you willing to go to get a job ?
  • How does your country react to the corona virus outbreak?
  • What is your stance on the influence of religion in political affairs