Das lernen von Sprachen macht zwar spaß, aber Verbesserung ist zu langsam

외국어를 공부하기가 재미있지만 개발하는 것이 조금 느려진 것 같습니다 

Learning languages has its perks, but it difficult to see improvements 

when doing the same thing over and over again.

Learning by doing 02:35:50

Quite late now,02:30 in the morning, and I did some  thinking today (yea progress); figured, that there needs to be a change in my language learning process. For a while now I mixed reading language articles during live streaming on my YouTube channel with reading grammar books, which really did improve my vocabulary and confidence in speaking the languages immensely. However,I am currently at that stage of no improvement, where I just learn and learn but fail the remember what I learned.

So the new plan:

  1. Pick an article: An article with difficulty level lower than my language level
  2. Read and memorise: Read the article until I can summarise it in my own language Reading and Comprehension
  3. Write in language: Write a summary, on Hellotalk, of the article in the language of choice in order to obtain corrections Writing Practice
  4. Memorise correction: Memorise the corrections gotten and work on a 60 seconds video summary of the article Speaking Practice

I personally believe that learning by using is more effective than passive learning, which is why I am hopeful about this method.

See you in 3 months or less!

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