Not Korean drama again…. aha JK!

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Second to Last Love: Mon Review?

The drama plot, personally, is not unique in the K-Drama world but enjoyable to watch.

I am referring to the drama called “Second to last love”. Yes, I know that I am  almost 2 years late to the party, but I bring drinks and a review. I was drawn to the drawn neither because of the post nor the synopsis, but mainly because of a recently ended drama (Misty) which also starred Mr. Ji Jin-hee. I need a lightweight drama from Misty’s suspense and heart breaking ending which caused me to spend hours of my life indulging in this romance drenched series.

So what are my thoughts on the drama you ask ?

I have seen better but I do not regret watching it. weird right ?

At the beginning of the drama, I was leaning towards the scene between the main leads, but towards the end my interest was focused on the comic writer and the cook. It was smart of the writer to save their kiss scene for last; I really looked forward to it :D.

I was really not interested in the backstory of the two leads. Might be due to this “sad, broken” persona usually attached to the Korean drama main leads that exhausts me sometimes. quite often actually. I skipped a lot of scenes, especially the “cheating” husband and sly co-director scenes. They just did not do it for me, ya know.

That is all for today.

I am scared that I may go on another k-drama spree again and waste hours of my life only to be left unsatisfied when the credits roll in the last episode.

To watch this online: Viki