My attempt at writing in Korean

힘든 업무 후에 데이비드 씨가 걸어서 한 쪽의 이어피스가 허리에 매달리며 퇴근하다가 그는 어떤 아이가 자기를 따라가는 듯이 약한 걸음 소리를 들었다. 궁금해서 그가 뒤돌아봤는데 아주 부스스한 개 하나가 있었다.자기가 21년동안 키워 왔던 개가 조금 전에 죽었어서 데이비드는 아직 상중이었다. 이것 때문에 그가 다른 개를 키워 주고 싶은 생각이 없었고 게다가 그 개를 키웠다면 자기가 같이 자라왔고 사랑했고 직전에 죽었던 개를 배신하는 것 같았을 거에요.

이 이유로 그가 그냥 뒤돌아 자기 길로 걸어 갔다. 그 개가 자기를 따라가는 듯한 소리를 듣고 있음에도 불구하고 그는 그 뒤돌아볼 충동을 억제했다.그는 집 앞문을 도착하자 집 안으로 뛰어 들어갔고 문을 바로 닫았다. 무거운 마음이 느껴진데도 그는 자기가 옳은 결정을 한다고 생각했다. 식사하고 샤워한 뒤 그가 바로 잠자리에 들었다. 소나기가 내리기 시작했기 때문에 그가 아주 새근새근이 잠을 잘 수 있게 됐다.

다음날 아침에, 출근 길에 그가 문을 열리다가 누우면서 힘없이 울부짖는 그 개를 다시 봤다. 걱정이 되어서 그가 그 개를 데리고 자기의 예전 수의사에게 뛰어 갔다. 검진 후 데이비드에게 그 개가 학대를 받은 가능성이 높고 개 온몸에 벌어져 있는 상처가 아직 남아 있다고 수의사는 알려 드렸다.이 사실을 든 데이비드는 자신에게 실망했고 비용이 높든 말든 자기는 돈을 얼마든 낼테니까 그 개를 살려 달라고 하며 수의사에게 필사적으로 부탁을 했다.수의사는 그 상처들을 치료하고 데이비드에게 몇 개의 지시를 드렸다. 데이비드 씨와 새 가족이 된 개가 둘이 내내 행복하게 살았다.


After a draining day at work, David took his leave and commuted by foot back home. On his way, with the other earpiece dangling at his sides, he hears weak steps, as though some child was following him. So he turned around, only to see a very unkempt dog.

David had just lost his dog of 21 years a week ago and was still mourning. He had no space for another dog in his heart and almost felt he would be betraying his deceased friend, would he take this unfortunate looking dog home. So he turned back and went on his way. Although he could still hear the dog following him, he resisted the urge. Once he reached his front door, he immediately ran in and shut the door. Despite the guilt weighing heavily on his heart, he felt he was doing the right thing.

After a meal, he took a shower and went straight to bed. His night sleep was accompanied by a heavy shower of rain which was satisfyingThe next morning, as he opened the door to get to work, he saw the dog lying and howling very feebly. He carried it and rushed to his former vet. The vet examined the dog and looked at David very sadly, informing him that the dog was apparently abused and suffering from open wounds. Upon hearing this, David was very disappointed with himself. He begged the doctor to help the dog, promising to pay any amount. The doctor fixed the wounds and gave David some instructions to follow. David took the dog back home, and they lived happily ever after.



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took his leave


by foot




turn around




spacein one’s heart

no desire to



resist the urge

shut the door

guilt weighing heavily

doing the right thing


Take a shower

straight to bed

shower of rain

next morning







open wound


treat wounds


lived happily ever after

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Also, I do not always receive corrections to my HelloTalk posts, this means that you may find errors in the stories. So please do not hesitate to comment below, where the mistakes are and how I could improve on them. Thanks in advance. 

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