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에밀리유치원 때부터 중학교까지 그녀의 가장 친한 친구였던 킴벌리와 같은 고등학교를 다니고 있다.그런데 고등학교 때부터 킴벌리에밀리와 어울려서 노는 것 그만 두고 대신 다른 반 친구들을 괴롭히는 것으로 인해 알려진 집단 사람들을 따라다니는 것을 시작했다.그래서 에밀리는 학교에서 늘 혼자 지냈다.어느 날 킴벌리와 자기 집단 친구들은 어떤 여성 학생을 화장실로 끌어내리는 사이에 에밀리책상에서 고개를 들다가 잠깐 목격했다.

그런 일은 반에서 보통 생기는 일이라 그녀는 자기 책상고개을 내려놓았고 계속 음악을 들었다.몇 분 뒤, 수업 전에 킴벌리와 자기의 패거리들은 데려갔던 여자를 없이 돌아왔다.에밀리도 이 것을 눈치를 챘지만 그 것에 의미를 부여하지 않았다.이틀 후에, 킴벌리에게 끌려간 그 여성 학생이 버스 안에서 죽은 채로 발견됐다는 소식이 아침 뉴스에서 보도되었다.“킴벌리가 아니겠지?“ 라고 에밀리가 생각했지만 킴벌리가 다른 인간을 죽일 사람이 아니라는 믿음에 그 생각을 무시했다.

학교 가다가 그녀가 경찰에 붙들렸고 교장실로 끌려 갔는데 그 곳에서 자기가 그 소녀를 마지막 본지 언제냐는 질문을 받았다.에밀리는 결정을 못 내렸다. 왜냐하면 에밀리는 그 소녀를 괴롭혔던 사람들이 누구인지 드러난 순간 킴벌리가 체포될 지도 모르고 자기가 킴벌리와 친한 친구였던 것을 알고 있는 모든 사람들이 자기가 살인자 친구이라는 이유로 비판 할 거라고 생각하기 때문이다.그녀가 어떡하면 좋을까요?


Emily goes to the same school as Kimberly, who was her best friend from kindergarten to middle school. But ever since high school, Kimberly stopped hanging out with Emily and instead started following a clique known for bullying other classmates. So Emily was always alone. One day, Kimberly and her clique dragged a girl to the bathroom, which Emily noticed very briefly as she lifted her head from her desk.

Since it was a normal occurrence in that class, she placed her head back on the desk and continued to listen to music. A few minutes later, before class began, Kimberly and her clique returned but without the girl. Emily noticed this as well but didn’t put too much meaning to it. Two days later, it was reported on the morning news that that girl, who was dragged by Kimberly, was found dead in a bus. “Could it be Kimberly?” Emily thought, but brushed it off as she concluded that Kimberly wouldn’t kill another human.

On her way to school, she was stopped by the police and led to the principal’s office, where she was asked about the last time she saw the girl. Emily is torn because she knows that once they know who bullied the girl, Kimberly may be arrested and everyone who knew that they were once friends may accuse her of associating with a murderer. What should she do?



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attend school



middle school

stopped hanging out with


known for



One day









put down

A few minutes later


put too much meaning to

Two days later

was reported

morning news

way to school

was stopped by


principal’s office

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Also, I do not always receive corrections to my HelloTalk posts, this means that you may find errors in the stories. So please do not hesitate to comment below, where the mistakes are and how I could improve on them. Thanks in advance. 

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