Learning Java in 2020 – Beginner – Reverse String

Note I am a novice in the world of java programming and hope that similar learners would benefit from my learning experience. Also suggestions and corrections/revisions are highly welcomed from java programmers at any level. Problem Goal: Reverse a string Pseudo-code : Get a string from the command line Declare new string and initialize with […]

Beginner | Think Python : Solution to Chapter 3 – Functions

Note : My solutions are independent of the solutions provided by the author. Just an info. I tried to be a bit flexible with the solution by adding arguments, which allows variations in the number of columns and spacing between “+” and “-”.  Difficulty: I tried to replicate the exact grid but the spacing was […]

Absolute Beginner | Simple Introduction to GIT ( Part II)

Scenario 2 : Collaboration Let’s say you were given a presentation project involving two other members. Each member decides to handle different aspects of the presentation: person A – gets related images, updates their captions and handles the slides transitions person B – handles the text content of each slide person C – writes up […]

Absolute Beginner | Simple Introduction to GIT ( Part I)

Version Control Imagine you are a video editor and you just completed a job on a big youtuber’s video. But  feel like trying out some really cool editing technique, so  his/her subscribers would notice your artistry and want to find out more about you and possibly hire you for more work. Here are possible scenarios […]

React Transition for Dummies | Difference between CSSTransition and Transition

Bounce, Fade, Animate 05/03/2019 11:56:52 PM Intro into React Transitions In case you are a newbie in the world of react transitions,  you should probably read this post (React Transitions for Dummies | Part 1 : Transition, Styled Components and RandomColor) before continuing. <Transition> If you want to animate a react component, wrap it with […]

React Transitions for Dummies | Part 1 : Transition, Styled Components and RandomColor

04/29/2019 12:49:21 AM Overview Simply learning on how to use the React Transition Group “Transition” component to make websites look awesome! Who is this for? This should be useful for those who are confused as I was and (to some extent) still am about component and page transitions especially in React. Why I wanted to […]

Beginner Automating with Python | Converting MYSQL database tables into single CSV files

Things you might need before coding Install python here Since this solution is realised by using the programming language called python,  you should probably install it as instructed in the website linked above. Additionally, you may need to understand the programming principles independent of programming language and also learn the code syntax in python. An […]

Practicing Python | Think Python: Case study: interface design – Exercise 4.3

Make a more general version of circle called arc that takes an additional parameter
angle, which determines what fraction of a circle to draw

Practicing Python | Think Python: Functions – Exercises

A function object is a value you can assign to a variable or pass as an argument. For
example, do_twice is a function that takes a function object as an argument and calls it twice:
def do_twice

Python 4 Beginners: XML to CSV within a minute

Hey yall! Another snippet to convert the same XML file in Python 4 Beginners: XML to JSON within a minute into a simple CSV file.  XML File: Code: #XML TO EXCEL FILE import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET from openpyxl import Workbook import os import json import csv def readFile(filename): ”’ Checks if file exists, parses the file and […]

Python 4 Beginners: XML to JSON within a minute

This is an extension of the Python 4 Beginners: XML to Excel within a minute. A simple function will help generate a json file. This is the XML File  xml_to_excel The Code #XML TO EXCEL FILE import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET from openpyxl import Workbook import os import json def readFile(filename): ”’ Checks if file exists, parses the […]

Python 4 Beginners: XML to Excel within a minute

So you have an xml file with data you need extracted and converted into an excel sheet ?

Python 4 Beginners: how to generate a list of random values

I recently just learned how to do this without using loops: import random x = [0 for _ in range(10)] #underscore used when you do not need the value from the list. So here 0 replaces the value from range(10) #expected output [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0] y = [random.random() […]

Python: Matplotlib – How to use csv and subplots for beginners

So how do I use subplots? 08/26/2018 The code below is custom to my csv file (see below), so make sure you either use the same format or change the “get_file” function to the properly process your file. MOCK_DATA_2 File Content The file above looks like this: x,y 64,13 57,14 16,30 92,29 65,97 11,33 CODE […]

python: Creating a simple bar plot with python, matplotlib module and csv data 2020

This is so simple, it needs no heading.. 08/19/201810:10:49 PM Drinks Coffee as usual… Straight to the point: So this is the CSV data I will be working with ( generated using the website: https://mockaroo.com) MOCK_DATA Goal Create a bar plot showing  the number of emails based on the alphabets they begin with . For instance, […]

Python Networking | Super Beginner Series | Simple Server and Client – “Hello World”

I am more into web development but out of boredom decided to dabble into networking… okay let’s see what I have learned so far. Networking  2018-05-12 10:56:17 AM Python Server This server opens its service at port 9999 and listens and connects to an incoming tcp stream. Once a connection is established, it sends the client […]

DropDown Menu with ONLY CSS and HTML

So you need a dropdown menu but you do not know javaScript… right ? 2018-04-24 7:04:37 PM See the Pen GdZGwO by Ajala Comfort (@AJALACOMFORT) on CodePen.

my To-Knows in javaScript or Things to keep in mind when coding in javaScript – updating

Purposefully creating global variables is bad style, but accidentally creating global variables can be a downright disaster Effect JavaScript : 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript More local less global I am talking about local vs global scope. As a javaScript learner and after reading several books and blog notes I have […]

Useful MySQL Queries for a Beginner like me: SELECT

I am at the moment learning a lot about MySQL by reading the book, Learning MySQL and I thought providing a list of queries could help beginners like myself. Different ways to select databases, tables, rows and columns in MySQL Do note, I will be updating the list occasionally. So if this list seems incomplete, you […]

Automate Simple Tasks with Python: Excel Table to HTML Table using the python Dominate Module

If you need help with your excel table conversion, i provide such a service here 😀 Sometimes a database is really not necessary. Why not try a simple excel sheet Coded this in an hour; sips on coffee though 9:06:34 PM I generated the excel workbook using a website called Mockaroo. Today’s task is to convert a […]