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my To-Knows in javaScript or Things to keep in mind when coding in javaScript – updating

Purposefully creating global variables is bad style, but accidentally creating global variables can be a downright disaster Effect JavaScript : 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript More local less global I am talking about local vs global scope. As a javaScript learner and after reading several books and blog notes I have […]

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What I learned today | Functional Javascript: Variables Scope and Closures

Remember the Book: Functional JavaScript   So chapter 3 right?…hm Scopes From my understanding, where a variable lives, while the extent of a scope means how long a variable holds a value. Global Scope This has the longest lifespan when you declare a variable without the var, you are defining a global variable (accessible to […]

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What I learned today | Functional Javascript | Chapter 2 | First-Class Functions and Applicative Programming

Hey!! you missed me ? no..okay .. so chapter 2 First Class Functions According to the author, I quote, “the term first class means that soething is just a value. Is one that can go anywhere that any other value can go”. Therefore a first class function is as shown below: var number = function(){return […]

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What I learned today | Functional Programming in JavaScript | Chapter 1

In my most recent Coding Blog Post I briefed on what I learned while reading the Book “DOM Enlightment“. The book improved my knowledge of DOM transversing, specific and list selection, style manipulation  etc. This time I have decided on reading the book “Functional JavaScript” by Michael Fogus. I hope to prevent redundancy in my […]

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Interesting ways to manipulate the DOM using (vanilla) JavaScript Part 2

Hope you found the part 1 helpful.. Okay, let’s begin… Styling style property to access a specific style property e.g. border-width, use or for background-color backgroundColor. getProperty, setProperty, removeProperty methods get – takes in only one argument; returns the value of that property e.g. selection.getProperty(“background-color”) set – updates the value of a specific property; […]