10 reasons why your Korean is not improving

❝The limits of my language are the limits of my world.❞ ‒Ludwig Wittgenstein 09/02/2018 Why is your Korean learning journey at turtle verdammt slow? You are focusing too much on grammar   I have been there guys… When I began learning Korean, approximately 3 years ago, I was highly convinced that grammar should be of […]

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fireworks 불꽃놀이 Das Feuerwerk Les feux d’artifice Where do you think I should go ? 어디에 가면 좋겠습니까? Wohin denkst du, dass ich gehen soll ? Où est-ce que je devrais aller ? naturally; fairly;of course 당연히 Naturellement Bien sur Natürlich selbstverständlich. Purchase 구입하다 Kaufen j’achète take advantage of  ~을 이용하다; ~을 기회로 활용하다 profiter […]

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To be etre To have avoir To go aller To come venir   Due to lack of time Aus Zeitgründen aus Zeitmangel Aufgrund der knappen Zeit 시간 부족으로 faute de temps The most recent die jüngsten die neueste 최신 최근의 가장 최근의 la dernière   Due to lack of ~ ~ 부족으로 faute de en […]