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    Python: Matplotlib – How to use csv and subplots for beginners

    So how do I use subplots? 08/26/2018 The code below is custom to my csv file (see below), so make sure you either use the same format or change the "get_file" function to the properly process your file. MOCK_DATA_2 The file above looks like this: x,y 64,13 57,14 16,30 92,29 65,97 11,33 [sourcecode lang=”python”] from matplotlib.pyplot import * import numpy as np, os from typing import List #get file def get_file(filename: str): #determines validity of path #returns file content filepath = os.path.abspath(filename) if os.path.exists(filepath): fh = open(filepath) header = fh.readline() #excludes first row of the csv file e.g. x,y data = {"x":[],"y":[]} for row in fh.readlines(): if len(row) <= 0:…

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    Lxpression Web application | Day 1: Basic Planning

    So I have an app Idea, how do I start… I have wanted to extend my portfolio’s project list for a good time now, but I always postponed it due to lack of an “it” idea. Few hours ago, I read about the 12 startups in 12 months project which found very inspiring. The writer addressed how creators always started a project but never finished or waited till it was “worthy” to be published but then get discouraged when the traffic is not as expected. Funny enough I fall into that category. So I decided to work on a simple application for language learners, very simple and trivial. One simple visits the…

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