Korean Phrases

seriously 심각하게, 진지하게 let off steam 화를 가라앉히다, 열을 식히다 be out of shape 몸매가 망가지다 plastic container 플라스틱 통, 용기 Please let me ~. 내가 ~하게 해 줘 ~ has just finished. ~가 이제 막 끝났어. I’ve been thinking about ~에 대해서 생각해 왔어 I’ll be happy to ~. 내가 기꺼이 ~해 줄게 How

Learning Redux and React.js

So I just recently started (few hours ago)  studying about Redux and I am already excited. It seems interesting but a learning curve.  I am currently watching Dan Abramov tutorials, recommendable.  In the projects I plan on starting next year, I will have to have  an organized file and logic structure and I feel Redux

German Phrases 1

Jemandem ähnlich sein To resemble someone, or to be similar to   Irgendwelche davon müssen ja ähnlich sein. Some of them are bound to be similar. Mein Aussehen wird ähnlich sein, weißt du, aber kranker. My look will be like that, you know, but sicker.   So ähnlich ist es mit/bei It is kind of