• Coding

    Automate Simple Tasks with Python: Excel Table to HTML Table using the python Dominate Module

    Book Sometimes a database is really not necessary. Why not try a simple excel sheet Coded this in an hour; sips on coffee though 9:06:34 PM I generated the excel workbook using a website called Mockaroo. Today’s task is to convert a basic excel sheet table into an HTML table. I broke the task into sub tasks which were then later translated into functions.   Do you need a website ? I can build it for you! PseudoCode Convert Excel Table into one dimensional List containing dictionaries Convert List into HTML document Save HTML string into a file with “.html” extension Done The Excel Sheet looked like this: MOCK_DATA The code generated…

  • Lexpression Web Application

    Lexpression Web application | Day (can’t remember) : Deployment

    Lexpression Web App  simplifying language learning… 11:17:20 AM finally can sleep Apologies for not documenting the development process daily, however, if you follow my Youtube channel, you should have seen the coding videos. So yea, the website /web application is deployed and it looks good, like functionally good.Not sure about the basic design. The web app is created using React, pure JS, PHP and MYSQL. PHP and MYSQL were quite problematic for me, especially using classes, traits and encapsulating data that should not accessible to the world. But I did it. The code could be improved, actually, will be improved but later. My main goal is to automate thee database…

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