English|Francais|Deutsch|한국말: Phrases and Vocabulary practice 27-06-2018

Hallo Leute, erstens würde ich den Deutschen mein Beileid für das Spiel gegen Südkorea aussprechen.한국 축구 선수들이 수고하셨습니다!!!!. Les Mots du jour  I do not really need a ticket to visit France right ? 프랑스로 가려면 표가 없어도 되는 거죠, 그렇죠 ? Um ins Frankreich zu fliegen, brauche ich kein Ticket, oder ? (/richtig ? […]

Francais | Conversation preparation : Self- Introduction

Franzözisch lernen 10:51:29 AM So I finally found a french language partner!!! Yea!. The task /topic of our first call is: Self Introduction, so I have to prepare all the verbs and nouns I need. Note: Translations were collected from the Context Online Dictionary  and  the list is incomplete at the moment… Greetings  Good Morning […]

Translation Tasks |French : Angela in Brazil

Learning Vocabulary by Translation 2018-05-258:21:23 PM The Original can be be found under this link Angela lives in Brasil Angela [name] to live [verb] : vivre je vis tu vis il/elle vit nous vivons vous vivez ils/elles vivent in dans ( seems more geographical locations e.g. in Lagos) en ( relating to time e.g. in […]

Topics to practice speaking: Language learning (From Beginner to Advanced)

So you also do not know what you should speak about during your next skype call ? Me!!! I know I am not the only one with this problem, therefore I am compiling a list of topics I have talked about and hope to speak on in German, french and Korean in my language exchange […]

Language Learning

know one´s place[station in life] 분수를 알다 A wall 벽 Nonetheless, yet, nevertheless 그럼에도 불고하고 exert[strain] oneself, work hard, endeavor, do one’s best, take pains[trouble], make an effort, try hard, make efforts, strive ((for)) sweat blood(구어), sweat one’s guts out(구어) 애쓰다 still, quiet, calm, placid, tranquil 잔잔하다 Only 단지 Looking from a distance 곁에서 보다 […]

What I learned on Language Learning German | Korean | French | Chinese

~ is packed ~가 가득 찼다, 꽉 찼다 Gepackt sein Eingepackt sein Est emballé be in line 줄을 서 있다 In der Schlange sein /bleiben Sich anstellen See if we can ~. ~할 수 있는지 봐. Versuchen wir , ~ zu ~ Lass uns mal gucken, ob wir ~ Wir müssen überlegen ob wir Lass […]

What I learned this week

  decrease; diminish 우리회사의 수입은 감소하고 있다. Our company’s revenue is growing down verringern surveillance (system) 감시망 He slipped away from the police surveillance and fled. 그는 경찰의 감시망을 뚫고 도망쳤다 Die Überwachung Unter Beobachtung stehen Conclude 결론을 내리다 draw[make] a conclusion 성급한 결론을 내리다 make a hasty conclusion voreiligen Schlüsse ziehen voreiligen Entscheidungen treffen […]

What I learned this week | German, Korean, French words and phrases

French – Prepositions Korean, German – Article English – New Phrases and Vocab Chinese –  Greeting and characters   Script 대본 Skript It is unfortunate / it is pity 아쉽다 / 아쉽지만 Es ist bedauerlich / Es ist bedauernswert Impressive 인상적인, 인상[감명] 깊은 Beeindruckend Eindrucksvoll If i save money, 돈을 절약하다 돈을 모으다 Wenn Ich […]

German | French | Korean phrases and words

To be etre To have avoir To go aller To come venir   Due to lack of time Aus Zeitgründen aus Zeitmangel Aufgrund der knappen Zeit 시간 부족으로 faute de temps The most recent die jüngsten die neueste 최신 최근의 가장 최근의 la dernière   Due to lack of ~ ~ 부족으로 faute de en […]