• Lexpression Web Application

    Lexpression Web application | Day (can’t remember) : Deployment

    Lexpression Web App  simplifying language learning… 11:17:20 AM finally can sleep Apologies for not documenting the development process daily, however, if you follow my Youtube channel, you should have seen the coding videos. So yea, the website /web application is deployed and it looks good, like functionally good.Not sure about the basic design. The web app is created using React, pure JS, PHP and MYSQL. PHP and MYSQL were quite problematic for me, especially using classes, traits and encapsulating data that should not accessible to the world. But I did it. The code could be improved, actually, will be improved but later. My main goal is to automate thee database…

  • Coding

    Lxpression Web application | Day 1: Basic Planning

    So I have an app Idea, how do I start… I have wanted to extend my portfolio’s project list for a good time now, but I always postponed it due to lack of an “it” idea. Few hours ago, I read about the 12 startups in 12 months project which found very inspiring. The writer addressed how creators always started a project but never finished or waited till it was “worthy” to be published but then get discouraged when the traffic is not as expected. Funny enough I fall into that category. So I decided to work on a simple application for language learners, very simple and trivial. One simple visits the…

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