Lexpression Web application | Day (can’t remember) : Deployment

Lexpression Web App  simplifying language learning… 11:17:20 AM finally can sleep Apologies for not documenting the development process daily, however, if you follow my Youtube channel, you should have seen the coding videos. So yea, the website /web application is deployed and it looks good, like functionally good.Not sure about the basic design. The web […]

Lxpression Web application | Day 1: Basic Planning

So I have an app Idea, how do I start… I have wanted to extend my portfolio’s project list for a good time now, but I always postponed it due to lack of an “it” idea. Few hours ago, I read about the 12 startups in 12 months project which found very inspiring. The writer addressed how […]

Korean and German Language Learning | Famous saying Mark Twain

Dance like there’s nobody watching. The article was quite fun to read especially since I really did not know about Mark Twain. The words I found interesting in the article are found below:   ①novel ②novel 소설 그의 소설은 채 완성되지 못했다 He has not yet finished his novel. Der Roman Dann kann ich endlich […]

What I learned today | Functional Js | Higher Order Functions – Chapter 4

If you came all the way from part 1, you should get the book: Functional JavaScript In the last post, we learned about Closures and Scopes. Today, we are addressing Higher Order Functions – Let’s do this! Higher Order Function A first-class function takes a function as an argument returns a function as a result […]

What I learned today | Functional Javascript: Variables Scope and Closures

Remember the Book: Functional JavaScript   So chapter 3 right?…hm Scopes From my understanding, where a variable lives, while the extent of a scope means how long a variable holds a value. Global Scope This has the longest lifespan when you declare a variable without the var, you are defining a global variable (accessible to […]

Interesting ways to manipulate the DOM using (vanilla) JavaScript Part 2

Hope you found the part 1 helpful.. Okay, let’s begin… Styling style property to access a specific style property e.g. border-width, use selection.style.borderWidth or for background-color backgroundColor. getProperty, setProperty, removeProperty methods get – takes in only one argument; returns the value of that property e.g. selection.getProperty(“background-color”) set – updates the value of a specific property; […]

Interesting ways to manipulate the DOM using (vanilla) JavaScript (Part 1)

Part 2 is up! So I am at the moment reading the book “DOM Enlightment“, a really good book, and I thought to myself  “Hmm.. why dont you blog about what you are learning form this book?”. So yea, hope you can get something out of this. Remember this, HTML is a tree  made up […]

Learning How to Build a Simple Image Progressive Web App with Service Workers

So no longer native apps eh….. sorry I was joking..chill.. So I was minding my own business on medium just looking through Addy’s Posts and low and behold “Progressive Web Apps“popped up! Progressive web apps is not A  SPECIAL kind of app, just one that is available offline…. and “loads” just as fast as native […]

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