React Transition for Dummies | Difference between CSSTransition and Transition

Bounce, Fade, Animate 05/03/2019 11:56:52 PM Intro into React Transitions In case you are a newbie in the world of react transitions,  you should probably read this post (React Transitions for Dummies | Part 1 : Transition, Styled Components and RandomColor) before continuing. <Transition> If you want to animate a react component, wrap it with […]

React Transitions for Dummies | Part 1 : Transition, Styled Components and RandomColor

04/29/2019 12:49:21 AM Overview Simply learning on how to use the React Transition Group “Transition” component to make websites look awesome! Who is this for? This should be useful for those who are confused as I was and (to some extent) still am about component and page transitions especially in React. Why I wanted to […]

Lexpression Web application | Day (can’t remember) : Deployment

Lexpression Web App  simplifying language learning… 11:17:20 AM finally can sleep Apologies for not documenting the development process daily, however, if you follow my Youtube channel, you should have seen the coding videos. So yea, the website /web application is deployed and it looks good, like functionally good.Not sure about the basic design. The web […]

Lxpression Web application | Day 1: Basic Planning

So I have an app Idea, how do I start… I have wanted to extend my portfolio’s project list for a good time now, but I always postponed it due to lack of an “it” idea. Few hours ago, I read about the 12 startups in 12 months project which found very inspiring. The writer addressed how […]

Korean and German Language Learning | Famous saying Mark Twain

Dance like there’s nobody watching. The article was quite fun to read especially since I really did not know about Mark Twain. The words I found interesting in the article are found below:   ①novel ②novel 소설 그의 소설은 채 완성되지 못했다 He has not yet finished his novel. Der Roman Dann kann ich endlich […]

What I learned today | Functional Js | Higher Order Functions – Chapter 4

If you came all the way from part 1, you should get the book: Functional JavaScript In the last post, we learned about Closures and Scopes. Today, we are addressing Higher Order Functions – Let’s do this! Higher Order Function A first-class function takes a function as an argument returns a function as a result […]

What I learned today | Functional Javascript: Variables Scope and Closures

Remember the Book: Functional JavaScript   So chapter 3 right?…hm Scopes From my understanding, where a variable lives, while the extent of a scope means how long a variable holds a value. Global Scope This has the longest lifespan when you declare a variable without the var, you are defining a global variable (accessible to […]

Interesting ways to manipulate the DOM using (vanilla) JavaScript Part 2

Hope you found the part 1 helpful.. Okay, let’s begin… Styling style property to access a specific style property e.g. border-width, use or for background-color backgroundColor. getProperty, setProperty, removeProperty methods get – takes in only one argument; returns the value of that property e.g. selection.getProperty(“background-color”) set – updates the value of a specific property; […]

Interesting ways to manipulate the DOM using (vanilla) JavaScript (Part 1)

Part 2 is up! So I am at the moment reading the book “DOM Enlightment“, a really good book, and I thought to myself  “Hmm.. why dont you blog about what you are learning form this book?”. So yea, hope you can get something out of this. Remember this, HTML is a tree  made up […]

Javascript – Scope

Scope the life-time of a variable; Global scope – variables declared without a (var) are in the global scope. Their life time is the longest. They are also easy to mutate at any time, thus you should take extra care when declaring variables in the global scope. Lexical scope – defines the visibility of the […]

Learning How to Build a Simple Image Progressive Web App with Service Workers

So no longer native apps eh….. sorry I was joking..chill.. So I was minding my own business on medium just looking through Addy’s Posts and low and behold “Progressive Web Apps“popped up! Progressive web apps is not A  SPECIAL kind of app, just one that is available offline…. and “loads” just as fast as native […]

Menu Icon with Transition without JS

  the Video / Tutorial