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    10 reasons why your Korean is not improving

    ❝The limits of my language are the limits of my world.❞ ‒Ludwig Wittgenstein 09/02/2018 Why is your Korean learning journey at turtle verdammt slow? You are focusing too much on grammar   I have been there guys… When I began learning Korean, approximately 3 years ago, I was highly convinced that grammar should be of top priority when learning a language. After 3 years, I strongly disagree with that opinion. I am not disregarding the importance of grammar, since sentence structure or word order may differ from one language to the other. But if you wait until you “master” the entire grammar principles of Korean, which is a lot by…

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    한국 어를 재미있게 공부를 합시다 : 결혼톡

    우리 오늘 결혼에 관하여 읽어보도록 하겠습니다.  이번 블로그에서 살펴해 볼 글은 결혼톡 이라고 합니다. 여기서 찾을 수 있습니다. 항상 저럼, 모든 단어들을 배우는 게 아니라 그냥 전한테 재미있고 미래 필요할 것 같은 표현들에 대해 배우는 겁니다.  시작 할 까요?   무언가를 꺼리다 : to avoid something The police seemed to avoid looking into the case. 경찰이 그 사건 조사하기를 꺼리는 것 같았다.  결혼을 꺼리는 게 to avoid marriage or to avoid getting married 무언가를 꺼리다 : vermeiden;ausweichen Vermeiden Sie, wenn möglich, eine Schwangerschaft, während der Behandlung mit Viread. Try to avoid getting pregnant during treatment with Viread. 미혼남녀 : 걸혼하지 않는 분이라는 뜻인것 같습니다. unmarried couples, single folk, single men and women…

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