Lang Writing Übung| Do you believe in love at first sight? | Glauben Sie an Liebe auf den ersten Blick? | 첫눈에 반하는 것을 믿어요?

Without Memories isn’t “Love at first sight” simply Lust?첫눈에 반하는 게 경험과 추억이 없어서 호르몬 변화 때문에 생긴 건 아닌가요?Aus Mangel an Erinnerung ist Liebe auf den ersten Blick nicht einfach Begierde?

Lang Writing Practice: 당신의 나라에서 가장 쓰는 언어| What language is spoken the most in your country? | Welche Sprache wird am häufigsten in Ihrem Land genutzt ?

A lot of foreigners assume that these languages are dialects,

Deutsch Schreiben Übung : ‘San E’ Feminist und 6.9cm Musik | Meine unvollständige Meinung

Wörter die ich beim Schreiben nicht wusste  das Lied the song Mein Verständnis my understanding Die Gleichheit  Equality im Innersten deep down Ideologie ideology kämpfen mit struggle with durchs Leben zu kommen. to get through life / to get by in Life Davon abgesehen that being said Der Gedanke  thought missbraucht exploited profitiert von benefited […]

Language learning by translating: KOR|GER – When I was younger, I thought I was beautiful… as soon as I started working, reality hit me..

I will be translating this article because it is short and seems fitting for my language level 22:40:2407/01/2018 Seems very interesting 그 기사는 재미있는 것 같습니다. Title: When I was younger I thought I was beautiful, once I started working, I became humbled.. 어릴 땐 내가 예쁜줄 알아..일 시작하고 겸손해져 When I was younger :어릴 땐 […]

English|Francais|Deutsch|한국말: Phrases and Vocabulary practice 27-06-2018

Hallo Leute, erstens würde ich den Deutschen mein Beileid für das Spiel gegen Südkorea 축구 선수들이 수고하셨습니다!!!!. Les Mots du jour  I do not really need a ticket to visit France right ? 프랑스로 가려면 표가 없어도 되는 거죠, 그렇죠 ? Um ins Frankreich zu fliegen, brauche ich kein Ticket, oder ? (/richtig ? […]

오늘의 표현들이 | 독일어랑 한국말 같이 배웁시다

  한국어를 배우는 방법이 여라가지 있습니다. 8:02:01 PM 시작 하기 전에 커피 한 잔을 준비를 하세요! go grocery shopping 장을 보라 가다 나는 주로 장을 보러 가기 위해 차를 쓴다. = I usually use the car for picking up groceries. einkaufen gehen Du musst unbedingt mal wieder einkaufen gehen. = You need to go grocery shopping, Dad. […]

Topics to practice speaking: Language learning (From Beginner to Advanced)

So you also do not know what you should speak about during your next skype call ? Me!!! I know I am not the only one with this problem, therefore I am compiling a list of topics I have talked about and hope to speak on in German, french and Korean in my language exchange […]

오늘 배웠던 한국어 단어들이 2018년 05월 12일 에 한국어 독일어

단어를 연습 안녕하세요, 좋은 하루를 보내시길 바랄게요 Join our advanced korean facebook group Reference to : TalktomeinKorean 4th 이야기 Note: This list is not completely translated–> bear with me. |  Momentan ist die Liste unvollständig, habt Ihr bitte Geduld | 이 리스트는 불완전해서 참아주세요 오늘의 표현들이 뭣일까요 ? 우리 공부하기 전에 커피 한 잔을 준비합시다! […]

한국어| Francais| Deutsch: 해외, pouvoir, seien

Lass uns bitte en peu 한국말을 배우다 23:36:4011:36:42 PM     Korean phrases using “abroad” or “overseas” How to conjugate “can” in french How to use “seien” in German   Korean – 해외 해외로 나가다 / go abroad 해외로 도피하다 / flee abroad 해외로 수출하다 / to export overseas 해외로 진출하다 / expand into foreign […]

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